Yves Saint Laurent Teint Touche Éclat Foundation (New Formula) - BR30 Cool Almond

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Twenty years after the birth of Touche éclat, Yves Saint Laurent takes possession of advanced technology and transforms the magic of this legendary style in a foundation, to achieve the same result beaming all over her face.

With a stylus sold every 10 seconds, Touche éclat icon is a product that has given the extreme light to the make-up world and has been able to impose a new way to sublimate the complexion.

As the stylus, le Teint Touche éclat contains a revolutionary formula and unique that erases shadows and enhances the facial reliefs. A magical light infused in a lightweight and impalpable fluid, which does not mask but enhances the facial features. A texture without dust, matting, which smoothes and softens imperfections, without flattening the natural volume of the face.

The complexion has never been so pure and vital, with a touch of sophistication that makes unique products of makeup Yves Saint Laurent. With le Teint Touche éclat, the skin is radiant and the face takes on a new expressiveness.

A product tailored to highlight women Yves Saint Laurent worldwide. When complexion and light are one.